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The word "jaad" orignates from the Arabic language and is delivered from the root word "al-jud". In its linguistic meaning, it means generosity.

Our generosity can further be witnessed in our offering and value of being a "trusted" and "reliable partner". This is what we want to be


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It was the sip of an Indonesian treasure that made us realise what the world was missing. A unique exotic fusion of aromatic flavour that awakens the senses and soothes the soul. Tis isn't how Arabica or Rubusta usually feels or tastes. It was a joy we wanted to share with the world. A warmth that made us feel we were experiancing something concealed and hidden for the very first time. Each iceland having its own paradise of natural beans growing and evolving into a rare scented taste.

We are finally acquainted with a natural wonder! Unaltered an refined yet unfamilier but delightfully strange to the taste buds. A glimpse into the moment that awaits you when you experiance a warm cup of Indonesian coffee.

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